Wince In Dash Car DVD GPS with Radio DVD Rearview Functions for BMW 5Series E61


Android in dash car DVD GPS has been the hottest car stereo in recent years, since you are a big fan of Wince in dash car DVD GPS, this may make you feel imbalance. It not easy to tell which is better of these two systems in car DVD, but they are horse and horse.


Android as a new system used in car DVD, it will be a trend in the future. It supports 3G, WIFI, which Wince system doesn’t. However, it has its shortcomings that all the new things may face – unstable. It’s not surprise that a popular product is not perfect. Everything is developing, even Wince as an old good system are still in its way to be better.


Wince is known as its strong stability, especially for GPS navigation system. That may be the reason you are fond of it, too. Though we are in the year of Android, I would like to recommend a Wince in dash car DVD GPS for you. The reason would be the older the better.


Wince has been used in car DVD for years, except for some latest technology like 3G WIFI, it supports nearly all the functions that are used in car DVD. Here’s an example for you.


BMW 5 series E61 in dash car DVD GPS:


BMW E61 in dash car DVD

BMW E61 in dash car DVD

It adopts the latest 800MHZ ARM11 processor to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of GPS navigation, audio & video, entertainment and etc.

Supports HD Video with 1080P (Built-in IC: TW8825), with MP5.

256MB RAM. Supports external 500GB Hard Disk Drive.

Supports Sanyo 6 disc DVD changer (optional)

Built-in GPS navigation system. Supports 3D GPS map

Supports original car reverse track(can’t support if original car don’t have)

Equipped with specialized Can bus box


You will see that this car DVD supports nearly every function you want. You can also listen to music through Bluetooth function, and make phone call with your cell phone by using Bluetooth, too. Some other functions for entertainment, like E- book, MP3, and TV function, are also available.


When you use this unit, please refer to the critical parameter so that it can work for a long time.


Critical parameter
Working voltage DC 10.5V-16V
Working current MAX 10A
Standby current <=50mA
POWER OFF current <1mA
Working Temperature -20°-60°
Storage Temperature -30°-70°


More information for this BMW E61 in dash car DVD GPS can be found on website, feel free to know more:

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