The installation of Mercedes-Benz Car DVD player navigation reversing


You can choose add the following to add the function of Benz

1. 7 digital display ()touch screen

2. Bluetooth wireless technology

3. GOS navigation

4. Car DVD player function

5. CMMB digital TV (optional, external digital TV receiver box )

6. Steering wheel control

7. reversing display

8. USB and SD card interface

9.front and backward platform control

10. navigation handwriting function

11. support 3D navigation map

12. built-in noise cancellation function

13. 48 KHZ sampling precision

14.5V of the front loading output

Mercedes-Benz navigation reversing function

1.Touch navigation: The navigation operated with handwriting function, the map is the latest version of Kaycker map or Cn-map with the built-in electronic eye information.

GPS map

car DVD player GPS map

GPS map .

GPS map .

2. Reverse image: installation without drilling, under the car’s screen on situation, the screen automatically display the reverse image , with 170 degree angle, the rear situation can be easily seen and the ruler line can offer you reference.

Reverse image

Reverse image

3. Six-disk car DVD player: It use remote control operation with the specialized car chips in Taiwan NECvox brand. The highly performed components with fine workmanship and compact size service you the best experience. The radio function is the most basic car entertainment system of all and also is the most commonly function. The FM and AM of the 6 inch system separately stored 12 stations; there is no difficulty in touching the screen. Furthermore, users can choose the stack or palaces grid as they like.

Six-disk car DVD player

Six-disk car DVD player

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