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How to replace your factory 2002 2003-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio

To replace your factory radio with a high-end aftermarket 2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio will always take your in-car environment and your driving experience up to a notch thanks to the practical and comprehensive features and the various entertainment provided for you by this new car stereo.

In order to upgrade your factory radio successfully, the installation of the car stereo should arouse your attention. The installation is actually simple, but you’d better not do it without some related experience or the guidance of the professional technician. The following is the detailed guide on how to install a 2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio in your vehicle for your reference.

And here is the Seicane 2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio.

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio after installation

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio after installation

If you have the same dashboard with the picture above, you can follow the instruction below.


2004-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation

1)Disconnect the cable running to the negative battery terminal by loosening the nut on the cable clamp and pulling the cable off the negative terminal.

2)Remove the two screws above the Nissan MICRA Radio opening with the head screwdriver.

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 1

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 1

3)Pull the radio trim panel off. You may need to wedge a flat tip screwdriver under the trim and pry up on it to remove the trim. Use a clean rag to protect the trim from being accidentally scratched while prying up on the trim.

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 2

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 2

4)Remove the four screws holding the radio in place using a head screwdriver and pull the radio out.

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 3

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 3

5)Disconnect the radio antenna in the back of the radio and unplug the electrical plugs running to the back of the radio.

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 4

2002-2010 Nissan MICRA Radio installation step 4

6)Connect the cables on the new head unit as the user manual shows and place them well.

7)Put the new head unit into the dash.

8)Turn on the new head unit and have a comprehensive check if it works well.

9)Install 4 screws back to their original position.

10)Check whether the unit is working without problem.

11)If everything is OK, make trim panel back on your new Seicane radio.


Of course,there may have other situations.You’d better ask some professionals for help at the first time.If the steps of radio ramoval are too difficult to you,you should go to a car radio shop to remove your factory radio.

Some of you may haven’t got a suitable aftermarket radio for your Nissan MICRA.Here is a good aftermarket car radio I want to share with you.It has many useful functions,such as bluetooth,3D navigation,car DVR and so on.More about this unit:


You can dial, answer, reject and mute calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. And you can perform Google search on the road with quick search box, play online games, watch videos, download online data and check emails by connecting to any WiFi hotspot in range or 3g internet, download any applications in the android market for access to games, Skype, MSN, YouTube, twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc and so on. Now, let’s check out great functions in Nissan MICRA Radio!


Some safety notes

1)Please apply the parking brake before the upgrade.

2)Please disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery to ensure security.

3)Please prepare tools for the upgrade. A lever and a screwdriver are needed.

4)Please protect the front seats and trim panel during upgrade.

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