Quality Standard for A Good In Dash Car DVD for BMW M5 with Touch Screen GPS IPod TV


BMW M5 in dash car DVD

BMW M5 in dash car DVD

We buy everything for a reason, no matter we buy an apple or a car DVD. The things we pay for should be worth its price, if not, we feel like cheated. That’s why we consider a lot before we buy something expensive, or not cheap, like an in dash car DVD player for your car.

Before we make a decision, you’d better check out what should a car DVD be like. You must want to buy a good one which is worth its price. But, do you know what kind of car DVD can be defined as a good car DVD? You may be confused. If you don’t know clearly, I have some information for your reference.

The first factor of a good car DVD player would be the tone quality. Car DVD players are usually used to play music or videos, the tone quality will be a very important factor when you choose a car DVD player. You should ask for some information like what’s the working voltage of it, and you can also compare the tone quality of different car DVD player on the market to check out which is the best for you.

The second factor would be the screen, Analog screen and high digital screen can be found of a car DVD player on the market. Normally, analog screen’s pixel will be 240*240 or 480*240, and high digital screen’s pixel will be 800*480. Good car DVD players will also with two drivers: CD and DVD driver.

The third factor of a good car DVD player would be the GPS navigation system. A high quality car DVD player with GPS system will provide accurate data while a bad car DVD player shows wrong information in slow response, or even system down sometimes. A good car DVD player also supports dual zone function so that it can play music while GPS system is working.

Other factors may also be included, you can try to find out by yourself. An example of good car DVD for your reference, it’s an in dash car DVD player for BMW M5, here are some key functions:

• 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital High Definition TFT LCD touch screen
• Use Super Cortex A10 1.0GHz High Speed Dual-Core processor
• Containing An Internal Memory up to 512MB and DDR3 RAM and 4GB Nand-Flash Rom
• Android 4.0 operation system.
• Built-in GPS navigation system

You can search on line for more information, hope you enjoy your shopping for car DVD players. More information of BMW M5 in dash car DVD player can be found on: http://www.seicane.com/android-7-inch-car-dvd-player-for-bmw-m5-touchscreen-gps-tv-ipod-3g-wifi-sia-9202-2

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