Men and Women have Different Ways of buying Cars


In 1997 Acura Integra Type R debuted as a coupe. In 2001 it was adjudged as the best sports coupe. The idea behind introducing brand Acura by the car makers Honda was to have a separate luxury brand. Acura Integra was its first model. Its plus points were its reliability, excellent engineering, and high class performance. It gained in popularity and was admired by a large number of customers who appreciated class. Some technologies used in Formula 1 racing cars were also adapted in this car. From time to time other innovative improvements like variable valve timing system were introduced which made it fuel efficient and therefore despite its powerful engine it was a fuel efficient car.

Men even admit to emotional purchase of cars in mid-life crisis. A desire for an impractical car is an accompaniment to middle age. And some men feel that materialistic possessions are a way of feeling good about your self. The blues of aging creates a need to feel good about yourself. And a brand new car is the ultimate materialistic possession. A typical car that pilots one through the period of aging blues, has a powerful engine, is extremely attractive, and is envied by your friends.

Fuel economy is also important to women and they will compromise on engine power to get this feature.Price is another vital consideration. Women buy luxury cars just as men do. However women keep their purchases under the forty thousand dollar mark.And what is most interesting is that while men will often buy a woman’s car, women are least likely to buy a man’s car.

Every girl needs her girlfriends around her from time to time, so it’s no surprise that at the launch party for the Jaguar XJ, the trendier Jaguar, was hanging out with other models such as Elle Macpherson and Poppy Delevigne, discussing design, silhouettes and styling of motoring over a glass of Veuve Clicquot.

Purchasing a car at government auto auctions is turning out to be a profitable move for many U.S. residents. In these auctions the rules are clearly defined, the environment is totally safe and conducive for car buy, and awesome discounts of up to 95% on the value of auction cars and trucks are available. So, many individuals are turning up at these government vehicle auctions in spite from the current economic downturn. One can discover vehicles of diverse varieties like SUV, luxury car, or a 4 X 4 at these auctions at inexpensive prices frequently. Even people who had initially harbored dreams of buying a auto, but could not do so because of financial.

A prime example of why prizes and awards like these are so useful in the industry is the fact that Mercedes Benz were awarded two awards in this most recent prize round. They won not only the Safety Award for their clever in car safety systems, but also the Best Luxury Car 2010 prize too. These awards make me actually consider buying a used Mercedes-Benz that I probably wouldnt have even thought about before. Why do I think about buying one? Because these awards have shown me that a Mercedes is a choice that will be better than the rest at looking after me if I get into an accident and when driving very fast moving hunks of metal safety really has to be a priority.

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