How to use IPod and Radio Function in Android Car DVD GPS for BMW E90


It’s easy to handle IPod and Radio function in Android car DVD GPS player, though you are not yet adjust to your new car DVD. I would like to tell simply, and IPod function would be the first.


Press  in the main interface to enter IPod mode (the operation is not effective until IPod is correctly connected). For example, after you set the IPod in the automatic connection mode in the system setting, the system switches automatically into IPod play mode after IPod insertion.


Interface introduction

BMW E90 -car DVD GPS

BMW E90 -car DVD GPS

  1. Returns to the main interface
  2. IPod cursor moves upward
  3. IPod cursor moves downward
  4. IPod list display space (click to choose track)
  5. Page down
  6. Adjusts volume
  7. Mute key
  8. Page up
  9. Stop/play
  10. Next track
  11. Previous track
  12. Returns to the last menu


Then, we are coming to the radio function, it’s easy, too.


BMW E90 -car DVD GPS

BMW E90 -car DVD GPS

⑴ Mute key

⑵ Changes reception band

⑶ Makes fine tuning toward low end in low frequency

⑷ Makes fine tuning toward high end in low frequency

⑸ Searches semi-automatically toward low frequency

⑹ Searches semi-automatically toward high frequency

⑺ Press the key shortly to enter system radio scan play, press the key for 3 seconds to scan stored radios automatically

⑻ Press the key to conduct 10 seconds scan play of strong and effective radios in the whole band, press it a second time to cancel

⑼ Enters selected channel

⑽ Return key: press the key to return to the main interface

⑾ Displays RDS/temporary state information (clicking is ineffective)

⑿ Displays volume bar. (press the key to adjust the volume)


To adjust radios

  1. Manual fine tuning: press ⑶ ⑷ in the reception interface to conduct fine tuning of tuning frequency.
  2. Manual storage: after you choose the reception band, the system searches radio and stops at desired frequency. Then select the frequency indicating bar of the radio sequence number, and click at the bar for 3 seconds. Thus, the selected reception frequency radio is stored at the assigned location.
  3. Semi-automatic tuning: after you press ⑸ ⑹, the system automatically searches signal toward high or low frequency, and stops searching when a strong radio is obtained. Or press ⑸ ⑹ a second time to end the search.
  4. Full-automatic tuning: after you press the scan key for 3 seconds in the radio interface, the system automatically searches radios in the whole band, and stores the ones with strong signal in the preset radio list.
  5. Pre-stored radios: choose desired band and click radio play in the pre-stored.


Now, you can use these two functions by yourself, if you want to know more about car DVD GPS for BMW E90, you can search on website:

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