How to keep your Car DVD GPS in Good Condition


Have you ever driven without a car DVD GPS player in your car? What did you feel? If I drove my car without turning on the unit, I feel bored. We used to listen to radio or music during driving. And, we use GPS navigation sometimes. Other functions of car DVD players are helpful and interesting, too. So, car owners love car DVD players.


How to keep car DVD GPS player working in good condition would be one thing that car owners care about every day. As other electronic products, car DVD players are fragile but firm at the same time. Maintenance can keep your car DVD firm and work for a long time. Several aspects should be paid attention to, the screen, the DVD laser and the software.


The screen should be cleaned often for the reason that it’s easy to get dirty. You should prepare soft cloth for it. Tissues are not recommended. Don’t use water to wash or wipe it. For those touch screen, you’d better not use your hand to operate it. Use the touch pen would be good. And, try to treat it as gentle as you can.


The DVD laser is another part of car DVD which is easy to get dirty. Different disks are put into the DVD box every day. The dust on the disks pollutes the DVD laser, and makes it work in bad condition. You should clean DVD laser at intervals, twice a month maybe good. You can also depend on how often you use this function and clean it in period.


At last, if your car DVD player has those software which can be upgraded, you’d better keep it in latest version. Keep your car clean in good condition. Keep the temperature in car not too high or too low. Keep the humidity in car not too dry or too wet. Never hit or drop your car DVD heavily.


You can try other methods to keep your car DVD in good condition. Wish you enjoy your car DVD every day.


If you want to find a new car DVD GPS for your car, here’s a good one for you, feel free to click the link:


Audi A4 car DVD GPS

Audi A4 car DVD GPS

Audi A4(2002-2008.09) car DVD GPS player


7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen.

Radio function.

Support Rearview Camera.

IPOD Support.

Dual zone function support.

Built-in GPS navigation system.

Build in Bluetooth for hand free.

Build in Bluetooth music.


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