GPS system and Digital TV Car DVD player for Hummer H2


Hummer must be very familiar with people who love cars. It’s one of the oldest car brands in the world. As its business ranges getting wider and wider, now the HummerH2 has come out. With this car’s appearance, some certain car device has been developed. Here is one. The Car DVD Player fits Hummer H2 from year 2008 to year 2011. Its appearance just as follows:


Car dvd player for-Hummer-H2

You may wonder that whether you need to cut wires of your car during installation. The answer is no. With special wire harness, you do not need to cut any wire of your car. Just arrange a professional to help you to finish the stage. Then you can enjoy yourself. This device combined with your original car perfectly, and you don’t need to worry there will be any gap. And there are accessories with the package, you also don’t need to buy any of them.



There is a saying that a good horse matches good saddle, so is your Hummer H2. If you or your friends ever have this car, then you may find out that even though the quality and popularity of this car is really worth its price, but the car DVD player have no special. Want any special? Then this Car DVD player for Hummer H2 may be your right choice. Why?

1.The item has Built-in Bluetooth for hand free, which can free your hands when therecomes any calls. More important, it can guarantee your safety when answering the phone on the highway while driving.

2. Uniquely designed circuitry including standby function to increase battery durability. You may feel disappointed during your long trip before when the battery is shut down, and your device stop working. Now, it won’t be your problem any more. With the unique design which including standby function, you will find that the battery could use longer hours.

3.  Support Night Mode. During night, when you close the display and enjoy music in the background, it could protect you from driving at night.

4. Dual zone function support. It’s indeed a distressing situation that when you find you can not use the GPS and the music player at the same time. With this Car DVD Player, it won’t bother you any more.

5. Real time clock function. Nowadays, cell phone plays an important role in people’s life. Some even can’t live with their cell phone. They regard their phone as clock. But you may trap in such situation that your cell phone happened to shut off and you need your time. It must be an awkward thing. But with the real time clock function you need to worry abut nothing.

 Need more information about the Car DVD Player information, you can click the following link:

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