GPS Issues and Solution of In Dash Car DVD for Audi with WIFI 3G Bluetooth TV IPod


As a car owner, you must always have your in dash car DVD playing music when driving. You may say that disc play function is the most frequent used function of your car DVD player. But, you have to admit that the most useful function of a car DVD is GPS navigation system.

More than 50% car owners buy in dash car DVD players for GPS navigation system. GPS helps a lot when drivers in a new place. Some drivers even rely on this function to drive for many cases.

GPS navigation system is so important to drivers that if it breaks down, it drives drivers crazy. However, this is not that often. And the most frequent problem of GPS function would be the connection.

Some car owners turn on their GPS function but cannot locate their locations. If you are sure there’s nothing wrong with the hardware of car DVD player, this may cause by the signal connection.

Try to place the GPS antenna in another place. For example, put the GPS antenna on the cover plate of the trunk instead of to put it on the headstork. It would be easier to be interfered in the headstork than in the trunk of a car.

Some car owners don’t have problems with using of GPS function, but they want to upgrade the map, but they don’t know how to do it. Actually, it’s easy. All you have to do is search online and find the map you want, then, download it.

You can’t do this in your car DVD player, you should use a computer to find the source, and download it in a SD card. Then, you put the SD card into your car DVD player, and copy it to your car DVD. It maybe a little difference between different car DVD players. You can refer to the user manual or ask the merchant for help.

Audi A4 in dash car DVD

Audi A4 in dash car DVD

Let’s take Seicane online market for example. After you brought a car DVD, and you want to upgrade your map in it. You can open these links:

Different links are for different areas and countries. You have to find the suitable map for your country or area. Don’t forget to unzip the files, or it won’t work.

Hope your GPS function works well! If you are interested in in dash car DVD on Seicane online market, here’s one for Audi A4 with great functions for you, feel free to click:

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