FAQ for Car DVD GPS with Great Functions as Radio GPS Bluetooth IPod USB


Car owners always meet some troubles with the new units in their cars. With the population of car DVD GPS, car owners meet another problem – keep the original car CD or replace for a new car DVD with questions.


Most of them choose the latter one. We love new things, and we want to have a try. That’s the truth. So, many car owners come to the place that they don’t know how to deal with the problems of their new car DVD GPS.


Ask a professional would be good but it wastes time and money. If you insist to solve it yourself, I would like to give some simple FAQ for your reference.


  1. Question: Failure to open the unit.

Reason: Haven’t installed the car bus properly.

Solution: Configure the car bus properly.


  1. Question: Failure to enter the GPS navigation.

Reason: Not setting the GPS navigation path correctly.

Solution: Reset the GPS navigation route.


  1. Question: No BT function.

Reason: No phone connection.

Solution: Enter the BT setup and check the machine name and code.


  1. Question: Failure of touch screen.

Reason: Touch screen deflected.

Solution: Recalibrate the touch screen.


  1. Question: Failure of specific speaker.

Reason: incorrect audio setup.

Solution: set audio correctly.


  1. Question: Failure of navigation signal.

Reason: Not connect GPS antenna or not connect the GPS antenna correctly.

Solution: Connect the GPS antenna properly.


These FAQ is just for reference, and if you meet some other problems that I didn’t mention. You can ask the merchant for help. The after sales hotline may give you solutions.


If you have solved all your problems and use your car DVD GPS smoothly, the daily upkeep should be paid attention to, or impropriate operation may cause new problems.


The following suggestions may help you.

  1. Please keep dry.
  2. Don’t put the unit in dusty and smudgy place.
  3. Keep the unit away from extremely hot or cold place.
  4. Do not throw, knock or shock the machine hardly.
  5. Don’t use strong chemicals, detergent or strong abluent to wash the machine.
  6. Use soft and clean cloth to wipe the screen.
  7. Please use touch pen when operating the screen.


There are more should be paid attention to, but take it easy. You have your notebook and cell phone with you everyday, you must know how to keep your electronics safe and clean.


If you want to know more about car DVD GPS, here’s the link: http://www.seicane.com/bmw-5-series-e64-gps-navigation-with-radio-bluetooth-ipod-srd-8808-3


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