Disc Operation Instruction for BMW E91 In Dash Car DVD Player with GPS TV Radio Bluetooth


Disc function is widely used during driving, no matter how many times car DVD player upgrades, this function won’t change too much in operating. Since there are so many buttons, to remember all of them would be a little difficult, especially during driving. If you forget your user manual, you can confirm it again. Here takes BMW E91 in dash car DVD for example.


First would be the Disc Insertion and Ejection:

Disc insertion is available in all modes. After you put the disc at the insertion entrance, the product absorbs it automatically. Meanwhile, the screen displays DVD state picture.

If you want to take the disc out, press the disc Ejection key in the same panel. Then, the disc quits the product and stays at the insertion entrance. If the disc is not taken out for 5 to 8 seconds, it will be absorbed again.

(use standard copyrighted disc, as the product only support 12 CM disc)


Second would be the DVD Interface Introduction

  1. Mute key
  2. Previous track
  3. Next track
  4. Pause playing
  5. Stop key
  6. Exit DVD to the main interface
  7. Page down key
  8. Repeat key
  9. Random play
  10. Sound channel: left channel, right channel, stereo
  11. Sound effect
  12. Screen display: press the top half of the screen to display the current playing information.
  13. Subtitles: displays the subtitles of the disc that has subtitle support
  14. Page down key
  15. Menu
  16. Upward cursor key
  17. Downward cursor key
  18. Cursor key towards left
  19. Cursor key towards right


At last, CD Interface Introduction                                                                                                                    

  1. Returns to the main interface
  2. Menu key
  3. Previous track
  4. Next track
  5. Mute key
  6. Pause playing key
  7. Page down key
  8. Stop key
  9. Repeat play
  10. Random play
  11. Page up key
  12. Display bar of CD tracks information(pressing is ineffective)


Now you see, it’s not that difficult to handle disc operation. So, why not play discs for several times and ask your friend to go for a drive? Some more functions information for BMW E91 for you,


Disc Play: Compatible with DIVX/DVD/DVD-RS/DVD+RS/DVD-RW/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP5/WMA/AVI etc.

Radio function.  High sensitive FM/AM tuner 30 stations restorable. Supports RDS.

Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen).

Build in Bluetooth music. Plays music in your phone via Bluetooth. Supports A2DP.


These functions are available when you go for a drive with your friends, wish you enjoy the entertainment functions with your in dash car DVD player. More to know on website: http://www.seicane.com/android-bmw-e91-3-series-touring-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-3g-wifi-radio-bluetooth-sia-9203-1

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