Car DVD player questions and answers


1.Question: Failure to open the unit
Reason : no install bus pod or not install the bus pod properly
Solution : configure the bus pod properly

2.Question: Failure to enter the GPS navigation
Reason :Not setting the gps navigation route correctly
Solution : reset the gps navigation route

3.Question: No BT function
Reason : No mobile telephone connection
Solution : Enter the BT setup and check the machine name and code

4.Question: Failure of touch screen
Reason : Touch screen deflected
Solution : recalibrate the touch screen

5.Question: Failure of specific speaker
Reason : Incorrect audio setup
Solution: configure speaker properly

6.Question: Failure of the Reverse Radar ‘s alarm
Reason : Reverse Radar ‘s alarm setup is not correct.
Solution: Enter the reverse radar’s alarm setup and reconfigure

7.Question: Failure of navigation’s signal
Reason : Not insert the GPS antenna or not configure the GPS antenna correctly
Solution : Insert the GPS antenna properly

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