Car DVD Player for Audi A4


Car DVD Player for Audi A4 is full range of services, to bring the owners a safe and
efficient traffic environment. The AUDI A4 Navigation according to the owner’s vehicular routes, nearby gas stations, hotels, ticket, supermarkets, entertainment, catering and other service facilities address, telephone number, as well as discounts and other detailed information automatically sent to the owners, the owners travel more convenient.The AUDI A4 car dvd Navigation simple and easy to operate and make your driving safe to get more protection.

Car DVD Player for Audi A4

When you set about purchasing the car dvd player, you have to confirm that whether you car system is compatible with the car navigation you want to buy. If not, don’t spend time to think about it, since that kind of DVD Navigation should not come into your consideration and it is of no use at all if you just get it installed in the vehicle. Always hold in brain and tell yourself what functions and features of the DVD Navigation you really want to enjoy and utilize. Not all the functions are suitable for you. And the additional functions and features will surely cost you a little bit more.

Audi A4 Navigator with a lot of new technology, including the unique structure, with a high adaptive performance suspension system, so it’s handling was especially exciting. In this area the domestically A4 did not show weakness. Accurate manipulation of the steering wheel, car action, feel the front wheel and the front is very flexible and obedient, even if it is for the limits of action, can feel the body is smooth easily through the slalom and lane change test, an encouraging result. With Car DVD Player for Audi A4 it has become more professional and more fashion.

When the owners driving system driving the current location, driving time, the day’s weather conditions and the day’s headlines, through a speech synthesizer broadcast to the owners The Navigation can provide real-time dynamic traffic information for vehicle owners to optimize the navigation paths to avoid congested roads, save time and improve efficiency. There are so many benefit function for us it is really wonderful.

Car DVD Player for Audi A4 features 7 inch digital touch screen with the high definition resolution 800*480, which can offer clear maps and movies, TV series of good quality to you when you are driving under the help of this Audi A4 car DVD gps Navigation. What is more, it is with FM/AM tuner, you can listen to the radio as well as enjoy the music. Car DVD Player for Audi A4 supports multiple file formats like DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD-
R/WMA/JPG/MPG. With the SD Card slot and USB Port, it is of convenience for you to update your music, videos, maps etc. The multifunction key operation is definitely user-friendly and the screen is perfectly designed, on which you can find out the intelligent route planning.

AUDI A4 DVD GPS is the abbreviation of Global Position System. car dvd player is a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver. In the Car DVD Player for Audi A4 this information was made visible on a small LCD screen. A small computer program in the receiver translated the information about subsequent positions into dots on the screen. This way you can see where you came from and where you actual are, as well as the track that you followed to come to your actual position. Once you move, the system can also calculate the direction you move to, by comparing subsequent positions. If you project your direction over a longer distance, you can even see where you are heading.

Picture in Picture (PiP) is a feature of some television receivers and similar devices. One program (channel) is displayed on the full TV screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Sound is usually from the main program only. Car DVD Player for Audi A4 Picture in Picture is often used to watch one program while waiting for another to start, or advertisements to finish. With (PiP) function of the car DVD, you do not have to worry about missing the programs you want to watch.

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