BMW 3 Series F30 In Dash Car DVD Choosing for Your Car with Great Functions like GPS USB Bluetooth TV MP2/3/4/5


Car DVDs were entertainment tools to cars, but they are no longer that now. Car owners purchase car DVDs for many reasons, the main reason would be car DVDs have the navigation system function. This function can help a lot to drivers during driving, and no drivers will resist its help. However, without this navigation function, car DVDs are still entertainment tools, but strong entertainment tools. Once you make up your mind to buy your car an in dash car DVD, you may not buy a cheap and bad one. You are a smart customer, and you must choose a good one in a low price with many functions that can’t count the numbers with ten fingers.

I know you want to buy a good car DVD, but there’s nothing definitely good. A car DVD maybe good for Benz, but not for BMW, so, you should find the one fits to your car model and product year. When you find car DVDs for your car, then, you can choose one with many functions as you want and the price is low from them. It may cost time, but it’s worth to do that.

Since it’s a hard work to do that, I may help if you like. This in dash car DVD with good functions may fits to your car.

This car GPS navigation is special for BMW 3 Series F30 from year 2012 to 2014. You don’t need to cut the original cable, just plug and it can play. It’s simple to install.

BMW 3 series F30 in dash car DVD

BMW 3 series F30 in dash car DVD

Key Features:

it adopts the latest 800MHZ ARM11 processor to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of GPS navigation, Audio and Video, entertainment and so on.

Supports HD Video with 1080P (Built-in IC: TW8825), with MP5.
256MB RAM. Support external 500 GB Hard Disk Drive.
Supports Sanyo 6 disc DVD changer (optional).
Built-in GPS navigation system. Support 3D GPS map.
Supports original car reverse track (can’t support if original car don’t have).
Equipped with specialized Can bus box.

With it in your car, all the entertainment functions can give you a delighted trip in car every day. And, the navigation function can lead you to wherever you want, you will never worry about get lost in a new place.

Live a colorful life, drive with a wonderful car DVD, what else are you waiting for? Just call your friend and enjoy your trip.

Information for this in dash car DVD can be found on website, please feel free to click:

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