Android In Dash Car DVD GPS with TV IPod WIFI 3G for BMW X5 E53


To be honest, it’s not something new that a car DVD has functions like GPS, TV, IPod and so on. Search on line for a while and you will see most of them have these functions. So, if you are a fan of car DVD, it’s time to change your mind when showing off your car stereo with your friends. No more counting functions, but tell what’s with your functions. Let’s take in dash car DVD GPS for BMW E53 for example.

BMW E53 in dash car DVD GPS

BMW E53 in dash car DVD GPS

This car DVD has 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen. When you tell your friends this message, please explain to them that there are many sizes of car DVD screen, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 6.2 inch, 6.5 inch and so on. And yours is 7 inch.

It’s no doubt that your friend will get that easily, if they like to watch video in car DVD, they must prefer to the bigger screen.

And, what is 16:9? The standard aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9. 16:9 is called as widescreen, and most of notebooks are using this aspect ratio now. Watching car DVD is just like watching your computer, this may also easy to understand, too.

High definition TFT LCD touch screen will be a little difficult to explain, but this is visible. Ask your friends to use it by themselves and they can tell whether it’s HD or not.

This car DVD has dual zone function. This function can play music when you using the navigation system. If you had an old fashion cell phone, you will know that it only can do one things in a time. You are not able to search on net when making a phone, but now, some cell phone can let you do that at the same time.

So, what you think when showing off your car DVD like this? There are more functions can be showed off like this, but I would like you to tell by yourself. Here are some key features of BMW E53 in dash car DVD GPS, let’s check out.

• Use Super Cortex A10 1.0GHz High Speed Dual-Core processor
• Containing An Internal Memory up to 512MB and DDR3 RAM and 4GB Nand-Flash Rom
• Android 4.0 operation system.
• Support Wireless WIFI Net work Connection and 3G Internet Function.
• Built-in GPS navigation system
• Radio function. High sensitive FM/AM tuner 30 stations restorable. Support RDS

If you are interested in this car DVD, feel free to check on website:

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