Android 4.0 Operation System Instruction for Mercedes Benz W176 Car DVD Player


Since Android operation system is widely used, you may also use it in your in-dash car DVD player. If you are not familiar with it, the following information may help you when you enjoy your car DVD player.

1. Main screen instruction

This machine with Android 4.0 comes to the main screen after turning on the machine, system default drag unlock, click unlock icon and then drag to the right icon position, finally we come to the operation system successfully.

There are five screen displays with 3D box effect in main screen, using finger drag screen from left to right to change screen display.

Keys on main screen display:

 Return key: click this key, you will come to the upper level directory when you on any screen.

 Home key, click home key, you will come to home screen when you on any screen.

 Background application icon, click it will open all applications are running on background.

 Function key, this key display on the left down comer, with many kinds of function, let you use device much easier.

 Notice bar, from right to left is: battery icon(display currency battery capacity, there will be a lightning icon when charging), mobile internet icon(external 3G card signal icon), WIFI icon(it will display when turn on WIFI), time icon, notice/other icon(it determines all applications display/disappear automatically)

Application menu key, it’s on the right up comer, click it will come to application list and window small item screen.

2. Application

All applications used on tablet pc are APK format, we can install, delete or other basic use of these applications.

Get application and install APK on tablet pc, there are two methods to do it:

Method 1: Turn on Wifi wireless and go to the Google market to download any APK application you want and then install on the device until install successfully, and we can use the APK free.

Method 2: Copy APK application from computer.

3. Setting

Android 4.0 operation system can be set according your hobby.

Factory data reset: When any APK application built-in device use abnormal or can’t be used, you can use factory data reset function to reset device and then device can use correctly, but we must make sure use this function when battery capacity is not less than 50%.

4. Internet connection

Method 1: external WIFI online:

Default setting WIFI is on. If there is any WIFI in range, choose and connect one WIFI available, then you can surf the internet free.

Method 2: external 3G card online:

a, enter setting wireless and networks, turn off WIFI.

b, use the right OTG cable, connect tablet pc with 3G card.

c, wait a few minutes until there appears a 3G icon on the right bottom of the screen.


If you want to know more about the Android 4.0 operation system for Mercedes Benz W176 in-dash Car DVD Player, please check on:






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