An Easy Way to Deal with Car DVD Remote Control


Broken or lost remote of a car DVD player leads a problem to access its features. It may drive you mad, but it’s ok when you know that it can be replaced by universal remote. And the way to get a universal remote is easy. You’re not only can buy it at a hobby shop, but also use it to access all the features that car DVD player has.

  1. If your car was factory-installed, just require a remote on the website of the car manufacturer with the name of the DVD player in the car. If it’s not, find out whether the remote is in the instruction manual supplied with the DVD player.
  2. Before you buy a remote or program it, read the universal remote lists control at the back of the remote or on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Get a universal remote or buy one, then take it out of the packaging, turn it over, make the battery compartment cover slide off the remote.
  4. Put batteries into the battery compartment according to the plus and minus requires of the remote, then put the battery compartment cover back to its place.
  5. A DVD player numeric code is needed and can be found in the instruction manual with the universal remote or on the manufacturer’s website.
  6. Button “prog” or “code” should be pressed on the universal remote. Button “DVD” also should be press for once while continuing to hold button “prog” or “code”.
  7. Enter the numeric code that you found in step5, then release the buttons in step6.



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