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Stereo Removal and Upgrade Matters for Chrysler Sebring In Dash DVD Player


 Chrysler Sebring Aftermarket Navigation

Chrysler Sebring in dash DVD player

It’s a Chrysler sebring in dash DVD player. It fits many other car model, too, such as, 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring, 2008-2010 Jeep Commander, 2009-2011 Jeep Compass, 2008-2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler/Unlimited, 2009-2011 DODGE RAM Pickup Trucks, 2009-2011 DODGE RAM1500, 2009-2011 DODGE RAM2500, 2010-2011 DODGE RAM3500.


It has many great functions, such as, 3-zone POP function, radio RDS, DVD recording function, 3G and WIFI network, CD and so on. More about this Chrysler sebring in dash DVD player on:


Original car stereo removal for a new head unit is common for car owners. Every car owner wants his car to be better, including the head unit. If you are going to remove your original head unit, and install a new head unit in your car, you have to pay attention to several things so that you will be satisfied with the upgrade.


First, check your original car stereo in detail. You should know the information of the original car stereo position height so that you buy a new one with the same size as the original one. This makes sure that the new car stereo can be installed in your car perfectly. If your car stereo is the split type, you should know whether your car support AUX. If your car doesn’t have AUX, you have to buy a new head unit and add tools to make it work with sound in your car. You have to know the shape of your dashboard, too. A round head unit cannot be installed in a rectangle frame in your car. Make sure you buy the same shape head unit as the original one for your car.


Second, buy a new head unit which can work well in your car. The new head unit should fit to your car model and product year. What’s more, it should be compatible with your car in all functions. You can check wire connections for sure. Or you can ask the head unit dealer for sure whether the new unit works well in your car.


Third, after upgrade, make sure you can get technical support from the head unit dealer once you meet problem in the head unit. As an electronic product, head unit may break down or have some small problems during using. You’d better buy it from a good merchant with good after-sale service. When using the head unit, pay attention to upkeep, too. This will keep the unit work in good conditions.


Wish the things above help you in a way. If you are looking for a good Chrysler sebring in dash DVD player, let’s check out the one at the beginning of the text. It’s great and cheap.


 Chrysler Sebring in dash DVD player

Chrysler Sebring in dash DVD player

It’s a 6.2 inch 800*480 touch screen multimedia.


It uses Wince 6.0 operation system and powerful Samsung S5PV210 1GMHZ CPU chipset.


It supports 3D navigation map with practical and humanizing operation interface. When you are not on the way which you have set before, it will have voice prompts and re-plan the route for you automatically. This system will switch to the voice and come back when have the navigation prompts if the unit is in other function interface. You will find this function useful and convenient.


It supports USB and SD card. You can use USB flash disks or SD cards to play songs/videos/photos in the head unit. You can also upgrade software by SD card, too. This function supports WMV/AVI/MPEG/MP3/MP4/RMVB(1080P)/JPEG format.


It supports radio RDS with high sensitive receiving mode. You can preset at most 99 stations for AM/FM.


It’s such a good head unit. If it fits your car, you can buy on:


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