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Android 4.0 Operation System Instruction for Mercedes Benz W176 Car DVD Player

Since Android operation system is widely used, you may also use it in your in-dash car DVD player. If you are not familiar with it, the following information may help you when you enjoy your car DVD player.

1. Main screen instruction

This machine with Android 4.0 comes to the main screen after turning on the machine, system default drag unlock, click unlock icon and then drag to the right icon position, finally we come to the operation system successfully.

There are five screen displays with 3D box effect in main screen, using finger drag screen from left to right to change screen display.

Keys on main screen display:

 Return key: click this key, you will come to the upper level directory when you on any screen.

 Home key, click home key, you will come to home screen when you on any screen.

 Background application icon, click it will open all applications are running on background.

 Function key, this key display on the left down comer, with many kinds of function, let you use device much easier.

 Notice bar, from right to left is: battery icon(display currency battery capacity, there will be a lightning icon when charging), mobile internet icon(external 3G card signal icon), WIFI icon(it will display when turn on WIFI), time icon, notice/other icon(it determines all applications display/disappear automatically)

Application menu key, it’s on the right up comer, click it will come to application list and window small item screen.

2. Application

All applications used on tablet pc are APK format, we can install, delete or other basic use of these applications.

Get application and install APK on tablet pc, there are two methods to do it:

Method 1: Turn on Wifi wireless and go to the Google market to download any APK application you want and then install on the device until install successfully, and we can use the APK free.

Method 2: Copy APK application from computer.

3. Setting

Android 4.0 operation system can be set according your hobby.

Factory data reset: When any APK application built-in device use abnormal or can’t be used, you can use factory data reset function to reset device and then device can use correctly, but we must make sure use this function when battery capacity is not less than 50%.

4. Internet connection

Method 1: external WIFI online:

Default setting WIFI is on. If there is any WIFI in range, choose and connect one WIFI available, then you can surf the internet free.

Method 2: external 3G card online:

a, enter setting wireless and networks, turn off WIFI.

b, use the right OTG cable, connect tablet pc with 3G card.

c, wait a few minutes until there appears a 3G icon on the right bottom of the screen.


If you want to know more about the Android 4.0 operation system for Mercedes Benz W176 in-dash Car DVD Player, please check on:






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Multiple Functions In-Dash Car DVD Player for Chevrolet Cruze

As one of the Chevrolet Cruze owners, I bet you are considering to replace your factory CD player into a new In-Dash car DVD player with multiple functions. What a good idea to do it yourself. You know there are millions of car DVD players out there waiting for you to love, why not just go and choose one.

Chevrolet Cruze is a young and energetic automobile brand, so as its car and its In-Dash car DVD player. Check out the features below and meet the one which are made for your car.


Critical parameter

Working voltage

DC 10.5V-16V

Working current


Standby current


POWER OFF current


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



Key Features:

  • 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Built in analog TV. Built in Digital TV(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) as options
  • Build in Bluetooth music in your phone via bluetooth. Support A2DP
  • Built in Amplifier 4 ch output 4*45W
  • Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
  • VideoPlayer.Ebook.Photo browser Support
  • AUX In Support
  • IPOD Support
  • AV input and output. support rear camera input.automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car
  • Radio function.30 preset stations.5BAND*6.Support RDS
  • mini USB and SD card.Support DIVX/MPEG/DAT/MOV/VCD/XVID/MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG etc
  • Original Canbus system for steering wheel control
  • Uniquely designed circuitry including standby function to increase battery durability
  • Adjustable parameters can be memorized automatically.and resume back to the default
  • With excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection
  • Real time clock function
  • Small light available on the button of the panel
  • Night Mode support.Close display and enjoy music in the background.protect you for driving at night
  • Dual zone function support.Enjoy music while using GPS
  • GPS map languages:Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Crotian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithianian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spainish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian etc
  • OSD menu languages for choice:English German French Spanish Dutch Hungarian Czech Danish Norwegian Swedish Portuguese Italian Finland Roumania Greek Russian Poland languages etc are available


Be a young and energetic owner of Chevrolet Cruze, drive your car with a high quality In-Dash car DVD player, lead your life to a brand new way.


Here’s the website for more:

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An Easy Way to Deal with Car DVD Remote Control

Broken or lost remote of a car DVD player leads a problem to access its features. It may drive you mad, but it’s ok when you know that it can be replaced by universal remote. And the way to get a universal remote is easy. You’re not only can buy it at a hobby shop, but also use it to access all the features that car DVD player has.

  1. If your car was factory-installed, just require a remote on the website of the car manufacturer with the name of the DVD player in the car. If it’s not, find out whether the remote is in the instruction manual supplied with the DVD player.
  2. Before you buy a remote or program it, read the universal remote lists control at the back of the remote or on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Get a universal remote or buy one, then take it out of the packaging, turn it over, make the battery compartment cover slide off the remote.
  4. Put batteries into the battery compartment according to the plus and minus requires of the remote, then put the battery compartment cover back to its place.
  5. A DVD player numeric code is needed and can be found in the instruction manual with the universal remote or on the manufacturer’s website.
  6. Button “prog” or “code” should be pressed on the universal remote. Button “DVD” also should be press for once while continuing to hold button “prog” or “code”.
  7. Enter the numeric code that you found in step5, then release the buttons in step6.



For more car DVD player:


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Fancy Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Car DVD player

Sometime we are stressed from work, we should fully use the weekend to relax ourselves. Self-driving travelling is a good choice. When you drive your loved car to go for a picnic, sometimes, whether you feel a bit lonely, in the silent car, we can do something more which don’t affect the safe condition. So, the car DVD player is a good helper. You must be searching for good quality car DVD player. Here we are introducing a fancy Mercedes Benz Smart Fortwo car DVD player.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo

Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Car DVD player with GPS, Radio, TV and Bluetooth, and with high quality can perfect your journey. In the silent, inanimate, lonely car, but we can make it vibrant. Just turn on the radio, TV, we can spirit our mood, or we can listen music from our cell phone via the Bluetooth. When you enjoy all of these, you don’t need worry about the path, because the GPS will help you. The Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Car DVD player just like a friend who are wise, knowledgeable, energetic, he can invigorate you and give you a good advice. Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Car DVD player Perfect your life. This DVD player is just for your Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo

It has Built-in GPS navigation system. It has built-in Bluetooth. Stereo built-in Bluetooth is an in-car wireless hand-free system that relying on wireless Bluetooth technology. It aims at applying drivers hand-free phone talk during driving, and this technology decrease the traffic hidden trouble in a certain extent.
More features at

You will like this Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo Car DVD player since it is so multifunctional and convenient for you.

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