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Car DVD player for BMW 3 Series E93(manual air-conditioner)

Your BMW 3 Series E93 could be the most amazing car to drive. It is also designed to please you and whoever will be taking car trips with you and so, it is made ready for the installation of Car DVD player for BMW 3 Series E93(manual air-conditioner) that can entertain you as you drive. There are several advantages in having your car equipped with these entertainment devices.

Fit to these cars:
manual air-conditioner+heated seat
BMW E90 3 Series  (2005 Onwards) Saloon 
BMW E91 3 Series  (2005 Onwards) Touring 
BMW E92 3 Series  (2005 Onwards) Coupe 
BMW E93 3 Series  (2005 Onwards) Cabriolet

Quick Overview

Fit to: manual air-conditioner+heated seat BMW E93 3 Series (2005 Onwards) Cabriolet
GPS yes Radio yes Digital TV opt.
DVD yes Bluetooth yes Camera opt.
Analogue TV yes Ipod yes Wi-Fi no
USB/SD yes Rearview yes 3G Net no


Car DVD player for BMW 3 Series E93

Critical parameter

Working voltage DC 10.5V-16V
Working current MAX 10A
Standby current <=50mA
POWER OFF current <1mA
Working Temperature -20°-60°
Storage Temperature -30°-70°

Hardware parameters

Processor SiRF Prima ARM11
Main frequency 600MHZ
DVD decode chip Sunplus SPHE8202T
DSP 300MHZ,for GPS decode
FM module TDA7540
Bluetooth chip CSR car-mounted BC3


Does The Supplier Use A Double Quality Control Checkng system?This must often be a query that eBay resellers ask their suppliers.Double Quality Control only signifies goods are inspected by QC both at the manufacturing plant, and then again at the supplier’s warehouse.If this system is not in place there’s a quite good chance that goods from that supplier shall be shoddy and will create many client complaints.And nobody wants to see that.

In case you like, you can choose one touch screen player that is provided to allow ease and convenience in locating its utilities and functions, especially while driving. With big adequate icons, you could simply get the route details or road direction you necessary even with just a quick glance.Except for the functions below talked about, there are actually nevertheless a lot of other functions provided by vehicle players. There exists one thing you ought to be doingn’t forget is that regardless of which types gadgets you select is just the very best a single for your automobiles.

Maybe investing in a good dual din car DVD player frequently costs hundreds of dollars. But you can choose t two din wholesale products at lower prices in addition to rates. You can search in the thousands regarding wholesale gadgets sellers featuring several models of DVD players online on a website and then make some of our choice. Buying wholesale double din DVD is definitely economical in addition to entertaining decision that allows one to relish the trip and kick away the boredom. It might be a workable investment.It is rather helpful for families to receive a dual din car DVD player with great deals. And they’ll end up being entertained, instead of troubling the driver. If you’re planning to go somewhere with family, they’ll also love this device.

Installed in the backrest of your seat, your passengers will feel comfortable and would not notice how long you have driven non-stop. Before they realize it, you are already at your destination. The built-in TV presents sharp pictures and clear audio. Watching a movie in your car is just like watching it in a fully air conditioned cinema.

Build a better sub box. Or buy one?If you’re building a sealed box, make sure it’s sealed properly. Air leaks can really hurt your sub’s performance. If you’re using a ported box, make sure you’ve got the right sub in there. You can destroy a sub that’s designed for sealed box use by driving it hard in a ported enclosure. Also, it’s important to build a box with the correct interior volume for the sub you’ve picked out. A mismatch can result in poor performance or a sub fatality.

Where the BMW 3 Series E93 really stands out, though, is on twisty, greasy and bumpy road. Here you really feel the benefit of the quattro four-wheel-drive system and all those clever differentials: you can accelerate hard and early knowing that all that punch will be translated into forward motion. A rear-drive car like the C63 would just light up its rear tyres. Where there is the production, there is consumption, to go for our better and high quality life, Car DVD player for BMW 3 Series E93(manual air-conditioner) benefits our drivers distinctly in the long run.

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How to Choose and Purchase Car DVD Player

Nowadays, car is really a regular car within the worldwide. It really is becoming a lot more demand to make a car or truck as secure, comfort, relaxed and fashion inside with great auto entertainment technique. It is going to be truly pleasure to possess the audio and video entertainment in the vehicles. How to Choose and Purchase Car DVD Player?You will discover lots of goods in the market. Then you definitely can select 1 which just suitable for your automobiles.

How to choose the best double din dvd player? This is a good as well as commonly asked question. As you may know, there are so many car DVDs and DVD retailers available online. You should make a general investigation of these car DVD player online stores, and carefully view user ratings and customer reviews about their products. And then find the relatively good seller you think it to be.whether the car DVD I want to purchase fits my car or not? In fact, this is very easy to solve. What you only need to do is check the position height of your car dash. If50mm, single din dvd is OK; If100mm, please select from 2 Din car DVD player series. The “DIN” is universal standard of the size of car DVD player. This makes it much easier to mount, and even without gap after installation

You need to check out your original CD player has the can bus or not. If it has, you need to clear this. it is sure that the procedure will be easier if your car doesn’t have can bus. You just need to connect the steering wheel control wire with the car DVD player. Then set up the steering wheel control to make it work. There are some cars which do not have the can bus, such as Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Toyota, and some cars of VW, Honda, and some others. These kinds of cars are easy to install a 2 din universal car DVD gps player for most of these cars. They are easy to make the steering wheel control to work.

The Custom Fit Car DVD is usually purchased and installed when 1 Din or 2 Din Universal Sized Models above are usually not the decision or the installation solution.There is certainly an Auto DVD player for each and every car or truck. When your personal a Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW, Mazda or any other brand, you may upgrade and install a car DVD into your vehicle.

What regions do these automotive DVDs perform in? Not all DVD players are meant for all regions.It really is safer, and far better to buy car or truck DVDs which might be area absolutely free (which means they’ll operate around the globe).Having said that, the least it is best to do is figure out which region the majority of your clients reside in and make sure you get auto dvd players that play discs from those regions.

An auto gps gadget device is really a GPS receiver particularly developed for vehicles and their navigation systems. Like all other sorts of GPS receivers, auto gps unit devices can also obtain signals from GPS satellites and can use the info carried by these signals to ascertain its existing location. But mainly because they’re meant to become employed on moving vehicles, they must be stuffed with capabilities certain to car navigations systems.

Most of those distinctive car DVD units are easily configured inside your own automobile. It’ll take you no over one particular hour for you to equip with the entire seat and beneath the carpet. You’re able to do it yourself following purchasing it, which may possibly save you a great deal time and labor expense. There can be numerous colors obtainable for the headrest monitors black, gray. That may possibly match perfectly along with your car without ruining its color coordination within your automobile. Along with the pixel impact also looks wonderful, so you do not must be concerned regarding the screen becoming also dark or also colorless to determine. Configuring with LCD can makes images way more enjoyable, it might broadcasts a wide range of discs since it may compatible with different DVD and CD formats.

Now there are various kinds of auto DVD models. How to Choose and Purchase Car DVD Player? For universal ones, you’ll find 1 din universal car DVD gps player and two din ones. Besides, there are various specialized car DVD models for the precise automobile models. You can pick the vehicle players in accordance with your car model along with the size of the car’s dashboard. But you should measure the particular size for your car’s dashboard if you ever don’t confident which one is suitable for your vehicle.

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The Newest Android Headrest DVD Player

Except kids the Android Headrest DVD Player is fit for any people at different ages. It is an ideal entertainment system whether for long trip or just run a short drive. A lot of modern luxury cars that have headrest DVD installed on it so that it will give you the ultimate pleasure of watching movies. Along with a headrest player, you also get the assurance that you are going to get the best quality of both sound and picture. The best part is that you are going to be in a higher level of movie experience.

You may not strain your neck as when compared with the single screen. Dual monitors function two 7″ or 9″ TFT LCD display screens that let’s you enjoy your favorite films. Sound trip etc. Integrated within the package are AC/DC adaptor, AV cable, car or truck charger and headrests mounting Velcro strap. Its automobile plug-in power cable could be made use of to connect both units. Each unit has headphone jacks. Acquiring this type of accessory is often a guarantee to get an extra comfy trip.

we know that trust and word of mouth play an important role in doing business, so we cherish every customers. We strive to offer you the best quality products during sourcing products, processing your order, testing roducts, packing and tracking your products. While quality issues are generally tied to low prices in the industry, we hand test most of our shipments unit -by-unit to ensure your satisfaction. New products are selected with reliability considerations and your expectations in mind.

Today’s most popular GPS software hits like TomTom and Route66. The GPS hardware is performance enhanced and uses the WIN CE operating system to make driving precise and an absolute pleasure. Depending on what software you choose, you’ll get features like: lane assist, voice guidance, 3-D views, intelligent route planning, and points of interest (POI).

Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic information technology, dash camerashave been also widely used in automotive industry. Be regarded as an important security device in the vehicle, a car camera is mainly designed to monitor and record all the activities in or around the car so as to make sure the security of the vehicle as well as reduce unexpected accidents.

Car DVD player is created aiming at making your car an absolute moving entertainment centre. Due to its installation location, this item seems to be a much better choice for car owners who often have riders. If you are planning to have a self-driving trip with your friends or family during the coming Christmas, headrest DVD player is a perfect adding-on as entire members will certainly benefit from it during the boring journey. During this Christmas promotion season, many headrest monitors online are on sale. Hurry up!

They are affordable in-car rear seat DVD player with built-in monitor and screens, entertainment kits, packages and systems, which will directly replace the original headrests. This kind of player often comes in pair. It will allow two different users to tune into the program they are watching and listen to the sounds without interfering with the other user.

Besides, Android headrest dvd model is able to produce entertainment space without disturbance for a pleasant trip. There are actually two monitors incorporated in the player and operating separately so that folks presented inside the vehicle can view the monitor inside the back seats respectively, and the use of a wireless earphone or a headset plugged in every monitor prevents mutual interference between passengers. Hence, a passenger can watch funny Tv programs while one other can play exciting video games on distinct monitor. It’s especially valuable if there are actually young children for a wonderful journey who argues for what to view on the screen all of the even though. Right now, parents are more most likely to install android os headrest unit inside the car for the loved ones so as to get the kids occupied with a variety of entertainment and stop them from disturbing the driver.

Inside the finish, for those who strategy to get a dual Android Headrest DVD Player unit, make sure that you examine out with leading providers who manufacture these headrest dvd players so that you’ll be able to make certain of having a single that will last you a lengthy time and which will be a very good investment for the revenue.

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Benz C-Class W203 Benz CLK W209 car dvd Installation Instructions(Model: SRD-8731)

A. products: Benz C-Class W203 Benz CLK W209 DVD and gps Navigation functions all-in-one machine.

Benz C-Class W203 Benz CLK W209 car dvd

Benz C-Class W203 Benz CLK W209 DVD

B. Adaptable car model one:
1. Benz C(Audio 20 CD-for W203(2004.3-2008))

Benz C-Class original CD

Benz C-Class original CD

(1). Original car function:
Standard function: 2.5 inch black and white screen built-in,one disk CD player,FM,Amplifier,Gateway,Mobile Telephone,Voice control;Trunk external function:6 disk CD box,Mobile telephone Modules
(2). Network Connections:
MOST network(It is used for transmit Audio and Control signals):connect 6 disk CD box in the trunk,telephone system,linguatronic(VCS).
(3). Installation Method:
1) CAN BUS agreement control box,make the wheeling control possible. At present the 6 disk CD box,Mobile Telephone,MOST Network can not be available in the original car.
2) Offer FM antenna head and B4 power line for the original car

FM antenna head and B4 power line

FM antenna head and B4 power line

C. Adaptable car model two
1. Benz C(COMAND NTG2.0-for W203(2004.3-2008))

Benz C-Class W203 original CD

Benz C-Class W203 original CD

(1). Original car function:
6.5inch colour screen built-in,CD-ROM driver(can play CD),FM,the 6 CD box in the glove box of the vice cab room.
(2). Network Connections:
MOST network(It is used for transmit Audio and Control signals):connect 6 disk CD box in the trunk,telephone system,linguatronic(VCS)or BOSE power amplifier(In European standard car this function is not available).
(3). Installation Method:
1) CAN BUS agreement control box,make the wheeling control possible. At present the 6 disk CD box,Mobile Telephone,MOST Network can not be available in the original car.
2) Offer FM antenna head for the original car
3) Offer main engine plug for the original car
This car have European standard and American standard model
Offer B1 power cable(short) for European standard car.
As the American standard car have the external amplifier, so we offer B5 power cable(6 meter long) for it to connect the amplifier plug in the trunk.
Our standard configurations are B1 and B4 power cable.
If it American standard car, we need send them with B5 power cable(6 meter long).

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Car Headrest DVD player and Monitor

For Headrest DVD player and Monitor, usually you have got two options: you can install the monitor in your existing headrest, or you can opt for a replacement headrest with a built-in monitor. When you install a monitor in your existing headrest, you have to remove the headrest from the seat and connect the wires. That may require the user have some installation experience of car electronic, and must be familiar to the wiring and battery connections. Or you can purchase a replacement headrest with a built-in monitor for easy installation.

Headrest dvd player, as the name implies, is installed on the headrests of the front seats. This kind of car dvd are usually sold in pairs, and their two monitors can separately play different content at the same time. So, if you have two kids who always like quarreling with each other and argue to watch different movies, headrest dvd player will be your best choice. Flip down DVD player is more suitable for large vehicles like SUV. It has big screen, and is able to entertain the whole passengers in the car. In addition, portable dvd player is also available for your choice. It has the biggest advantage – high portability, which enables you to carry it with you wherever you go. If you don’t want car dvd players with Win CE OS, you can opt for the newest Android dvd player with GPS navigation. Compared with common car dvd players, android dvd player is compatible with more entertainment and office application programs, making your driving life more colorful.

After buying a new car, now many people will do something to make some change on the car’s original style. The car accessory is something that can be added to the car to make it look better and add some style. Usually a car accessory can help you personalize your car. For example, some people will use a cool car accessory to accent their car, someone may use some decorative car accessories to make the car a better look. Whatever your reason may be for purchasing a car accessory, you will surely enjoy doing it.

Nowadays, many people have discovered that installing a car multimedia device in the vehicle will make the car-trip become more interesting and enjoyable. As we all know, on the way to the destination, many people, especially for those little kids, will easily feel bored and dull. It is not a good experience, but headrest DVD players can change this situation. Imagine, if the kids are too active, obstruct your driving on the go, you can turn on one headrest monitor to offer them some cartoons and films. At the same time, if the adult also want to do something to kill the time, they can listen to some music via the headset of the other headrest DVD player without disturbing the driver.

Many DVD headrests also have a remote control for each LCD DVD headrest monitor and have games controllers for each monitor. There is a USB connection and memory card slot built in to the headrest DVD so that you don”t have to just rely on DVD to play your movies or music. Each headrest DVD player will equipped with dual channel wireless headphones in order to avoid distracting the drivers. The car headrest DVD players also can be connected together as well as connecting them to another external source such as a Play-station, X-box or another DVD player in the car.

On top of that, headrest dvd unit prevents passengers from mutual interference. The player includes two monitors operating separately, so the passengers can view the dvd player respectively. That is to say, a passenger can play video games although an additional can watch television on various monitor at the same time. They won’t disturb each other with the use of a wireless earphone or maybe a headset plugged in every single monitor. The function ends lots of arguments on what to view on the DVD, especially among youngsters.

Buying a good quality dual headrest dvd player is usually a fantastic treat that you just can give  yourself and your family members enjoying every single moment of being away from the property. Outfitting your auto with entertainment makes trips fun again.The additional time you devote in a vehicle, the a lot more critical the car entertainment is. I am convinced that, with continuous upgrades, android Headrest DVD player and Monitor will turn out to be much more popular on account of its significant function in entertaining folks in the auto.

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